1. Be actively involved in Bali Sea Turtle conservation efforts; become a good example for locals along the coastline and inspire them to take part in the project
  2. To promote Saba Beach as one of the “must-visit” tourist destinations in Bali and provide an alternative attraction for visitors
  3. Provide environmental education, on sea turtles in particular, for children in the village and surrounding communities which is vital for character development since early age
  4. Inviting and educating villagers on the importance of environmental sustainability, not only about sea turtles but also everything related to environmental issues such as waste management and pollution, and mainly handling of plastic waste
  5. To open new opportunities for locals and contribute as a source of income for members of Saba Asri

Organization Structure

made kiki copy

Made Kikik

topi merah pak mangku copy


Ketut Sudiana


Nyoman Suardana

rahmadiana kurus


Ketut Rahmadiana


Putu Kusuma

 Gusti Ngurah copy  anggur copy


Gusti Ngurah Purna Wijaya


Wayan Anggur