Saba Asri is a very simple self-funded sea turtle conservation center initiated by a local fisherman Made Kiki located at Saba Beach, Gianyar Bali-Indonesia. It started off with his passion and love to Mother Nature, to help sea turtles survive from the aggressive attack of stray dogs along the coastline that keep digging and eating turtle’s eggs. At first he sent those turtle’s eggs to the nearest turtle conservation in the island and little by little learning the entire processes as time passed by. In 2007 he tried to implement all the knowledge he gathered to his own backyard with very simple facilities and resources with few friends.

Not until early 2013 did the local government notice of the existence of this group and helped donate some funds to build a more proper conservation center by the beach even though it’s still far away from perfect. The sanctuary is not even well protected by solid wall, only using temporary fence where stray dogs sometimes easily slip inside to steal eggs. However, they had to survive on their own in order to keep the group alive and carry about their mission to save sea turtles in this area. Financial support of course becomes the most critical part of the journey. Feeding hatchlings can be quite expensive; cost of electricity to keep the water running in the ponds and fees for each turtle egg brought in by members or villagers can also be quite high. Not to mention maintenance and more facilities they need to purchase to complete the conservation package while the project has no income at all. They don’t really care about their time and energy spent on this project, or even getting paid for it. Their dream for a better future and their dedication and love to this beautiful and innocent creature is what keeps t

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